March 5, 2014

Mac Soft and Gentle

My love, Soft and gentle
After having this for two months, you can barely tell it was touched!
Such a beautiful highlight. This is with it built up slightly
Hello Lovelies,

I'll admit it, I tend to fall under other bloggers influence when it comes to beauty products. Nothing has been talked about with such high praise than the one, the only, Mac Soft and Gentle. I have wanted this product for years yet never pulled the trigger and bought it. Thankfully, Mike's aunt got me a Macy's gift card for Christmas so this little beauty has been mine for a few months.

Like so many people before me have said, this is the most amazing highlighter. It barely takes any product for you to get the most amazing glow. It seems a little warm in these pictures but gives off a champagne sheen once applied. There is some debate about if this is a glittery highlighter or not, I personally don't think this is glittery at all. I would say this can come off more metallic than some other highlighters, but doesn't have chunks of glitter that come off when you apply it.  It is also soooo easy to build up, you can go from a subtle glow to looking like you cheeks made out with a fairy in a few swipes. Amazing!

*How many times can I say amazing?*


If you can't tell already, this product is a serious must-have for me. If I had to pick a down side it would be the price. The $30 price tag can seem a little steep but is well worth it, and one pan will last you forever! I will never go without Soft and Gentle again!

Thanks for reading today's post! Check back tomorrow for a dupe of the Sigma makeup brushes. 


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  1. It looks ahmazing :)