June 12, 2013

Current Desk Set Up and the Changes I'll Make

 Around this time last year I posted a 'My Dream Blogging Space' post with pictures of desk set ups that I adored. I stumbled across it when I was re-organizing my blog and thought that it was finally
time  I put these idea into action. I knew I would have a little extra money this month (thank you holiday pay!) so I figured I would make a trip up to Ikea and get some new stuff to spruce up my little desk space.

Like I need a reason to go to Ikea...

There are a lot of things with my current set up that I am not really fond of. I have a little four drawer unit and while it does a good job of holding all my makeup there's no organization at all. I use the top of it to hold my makeup brushes and anything else that happens to land there. If I had my way I would trade this out and add the Alex 9 drawer unit from Ikea. I have been eyeballing that sucker for over a year now. Maybe I'll get it for my birthday... or I will crack and buy it before then.

As far as my desk goes... I hate it! I got it a few years ago as a birthday gift from Mike's parents, and while I loved it back then I have grown out of the dark desk look and am wanting something more sleek looking. As you can see in the pictures my work computer and phone take up a lot of space, so a desk that is a little bit longer would be nice. That way could put some acrylic drawers on top to store all my everyday makeup. There are two drawers and a middle section where I keep baskets of makeup, but  again, I'm no longer a fan of this set up.

I have a good sized dresser and I feel like I could be putting the top of it to better use. As you can see all it really holds is a few body sprays, a purple bowl, a side lamp, and the box I hold random pieces of jewelry in. I'm searching on eBay for a bracelet tree and have the most amazing mirror in mind that will go right above my dresser. I'm also thinking about getting different lamp shades but not 100 percent sure on that yet, I will have to see what they have. There are a few more things that I plan on getting to add a little flare to my work space/vanity. I plan on doing a post once everything is done so you all can see how everything comes together. 

I would love to see how you guys have your makeup area set up, leave a comment or send me an email. I love hearing from you guys!

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  1. Lovely area, you've given me some great ideas for mine!

    Emma x